At 47Hops we sell Hops from our Hop-tacular headquarters in Yakima, Washington.  We sell aroma and alpha Hop pellets to craft breweries all over the world.  We partner with the reliable and trustworthy growers in order to bring brewers the quality Hops they need.  Our priority is to improve the experience for both growers and brewers by providing the respect and customer service they both deserve. We love craft beer, but we don’t discriminate against larger breweries. At 47Hops, size doesn’t matter!

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Inside the Hop Industry

47hops is committed to supporting the U.S. Hop industry by furthering transparency between growers and brewers worldwide.  Our mission is to open up the flow of information in the hop industry in order to grow the understanding of how the industry works.  We believe the flowing information between hop growers, merchants and brewers will benefit all. It is with that spirit of transparency that we write our blog.  For an inside view of the hop industry be sure to SUBSCRIBE. Check out our recent posts: