Size doesn’t matter to us! We treat every brewer like a Rockstar.  At 47Hops our goal is to provide you with the quality customer service you deserve.


Deliver quality hops WITH PASSION

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Meet the 47Hops Team

Douglas MacKinnon
Executive Management

Two years in the Peace Corps  started Doug on a path that led to the hop industry in 1999. Since then, he has served as Director of Hop Growers of America, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the International Hop Growers Convention and President of 47Hops. All that important sounding stuff has provided him a unique perspective on the hop market.

Anastasia MacKinnon
Executive/International Sales

Degrees in international relations and finance combined with experience in the pharmaceutical industry while living and working in several countries helps Anastasia in her role as Global Supply Chain Manager at 47Hops.  She’s been working with hops for nearly a decade and can buy or sell them in four languages. As if that’s not enough, she is in the process of learning more. Ya … That’s just what she does. If you are an international customer, Anastasia would love to help you get the Hops you are looking for.

Tensie Peterson

Tensie is excited to begin building valuable and genuine relationships with you- our customers!  As a Sales Representative and Accounts Manager here at 47 Hops, she is working hand in hand with craft brewers all over the United States.  Tensie has an array of experience in customer relations and prides herself on providing quality customer service to each and every brewer.  She has been a resident of the beautiful Yakima Valley for nearly 15 years. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, running (ones got to offset the other, right?) and spending time with her fur babies- Snoopy and Obi-wan Catobi.

Steven Wolfe

Growing up in Mississippi his former little league teammates dubbed him “The Wolfe”. Turned out to be a pretty good nickname suited for an In-house Counsel. Upon coming of age he moved to Nashville to be a songwriter but alternatively became a beertender a.ka. Bar manager & beer aficionado. Steven put music on hold professionally to finish a degree in Philosophy, Physics, and Neuroscience at Middle Tennessee State University. Furthering his education, he attended and graduated cum laude from law school at Gonzaga University and is a registered patent agent. Steven is helping to compose our business policies and procedures as well as establishing contract guidelines and assisting in developing new business ventures for 47Hops.

Shawna Holden

Originally from California, Shawna is happy in her new home in Yakima. Her smile and energy bring a special feeling to the 47Hops office. As international shipping goddess and Logistics Coordinator at 47Hops, Shawna is responsible for hops when they have to move on the water. Whether it’s European-grown hops coming to the 47Hops warehouses or any of the hops 47Hops sells overseas, Shawna is at the helm. When she’s not preparing or coordinating shipments, Shawna loves to bake and can make a pretty mean cupcake.

Rhonda Liebert

Rhonda has been a bookkeeper since the first Back to the Future movie came out in 1985! Rhonda came to 47Hops as a temporary employee to clean up some internal issues. We liked her work ethic and personality so much we decided to steal her from our accounting firm. Hey … good people are hard to find! Rhonda is also a relatively recent transplant to the Yakima area from California.  Rhonda runs a tight ship and can account for every company penny every minute of the day. She fit in right away, but it was not an easy transition for some of the rest of the crew, who were used to a little bit more freedom in accounting. We’re all better off with Rhonda on board.

Cara Archer

Cara is deeply involved in the boxing world. She collects cardboard boxes of just about every shape and size as they come into the office.  Nobody is quite sure exactly where Cara’s great love for boxes originates. Her parents say as a child she was more excited about the box her present came in than the present itself, which makes her easy to shop for. Crazy box fetish or not, we like Cara just the way she is. Thankfully Cara loves more than just boxes.  You could say she is our gal Friday at 47Hops.  Cara takes care of ordering, coordinating vendors and many other top secret special projects. We are very grateful for her exemplary problem-solving skills and her get-er-done attitude. 


Nicole Marang

With an AA in B.S., (Business Studies) 15 years of office administration sales and marketing Nicole brings to the team an enthusiastic passion for marketing and brand promotion as our Brand Manager. She spends much of her time on her phone but that’s okay because we put her in charge of our online presence. When she’s not busy posting, tweeting, commenting, liking, or sharing she enjoys playing taxi driver to her three kids and coaching club Volleyball.


The Warehouse

Victor Causor

As the Warehouse Manager, Victor can smell a hop truck coming four blocks away.  It’s his job to make sure your Hops are inventoried, stored and packaged to the highest standards possible. Victor is the leader of the crew. Together these guys have moved millions of pounds of hops over the past year, all without cracking a smile. Seriously though, they enjoy their work and are some of the best warehousemen out there. If it fits in a cardboard box, these guys can pack it up and ship it to you and it will reach you safely in one piece.

Elijah Deluna

Eli considers himself a Jack-of-All trades and a master of none. However, we think he’s a great fix-it and build it kind of guy that rarely has extra parts left after putting a table together. Eli is a great team player and loves the family atmosphere here at 47Hops.  When he’s not on the clock, he has many hobbies that keep him busy such as looking for four leaf clovers and unicorn hunting.  He also loves home cooked food and more than anything he wants to be a Rodeo Clown when he grows up.

Oscar Ramos, Jr.

OJ is excited to be working at a company with room for growth and he loves everything about his job.  His hero’s growing up were his parents and he love rocking out to Led Zepllin.  He’s quite the gamer and considers himself the ping pong champion. On his lunch breaks challenges anyone to take him on. After work, OJ loves playing softball and eating dinner out at the all-you-can-eat Seafood buffet.

Fortino Escobar

Tino’s favorite thing to do at work is to drive the forklift and he hasn’t run over anything yet so we let him move the bales around sometimes.  On his lunch break you can find him eating Chinese food.  He loves listing to classic rock and riding his dirt bike in the mountains.


Cali the cat, also known as “La Peligrosa” to any wildlife that dare approach the 47Hops office, was abandoned at an early age.  She was discovered as a scared hungry kitten hiding underneath some hop pellets.  She enjoys killing birds, eating mice and taking long walks on the beach but she is not just another pretty kitty.  Once, she protected the team at 47Hops by killing a rattlesnake that wandered onto the property.  Nobody saw the deadly battle- the “Batalla de la Serpent” as it has become known across the valley.  We only saw the carnage that remained.  La Peligrosa has earned her stripes.  Nobody knows if she’s actually a genuine Calico cat.  Some say she is a Chupacabra in a very clever disguise.  All we know is fate brought her to us, and today she is a part of the team. 


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