We are often asked, “Where did the name come from?” The truth is we chose an interesting prime number and added the word hops to it. We purposely chose a name that didn’t mean anything when we started. We want to create a brand with a meaning all its own. We focus a lot on customer service, not just on selling hops. We want the 47Hops brand to represent a quality experience for the people we work with. We want to stand for that, not just to highlight the last name of the founders. 47Hops is bigger than any one person or any one family. It takes a team of great people working hard day in and day out to make great things happen. That’s what we are all working toward at 47Hops. Success, for us, is counted not in dollars, but in earning the respect and admiration of all the people with whom we do business.


We make buying Hops easy!

47Hops exists because we want to take care of you, your hop needs, and even your hop emergencies. We offer a variety of American and European Hops at a sustainable price. Aroma hop varieties are becoming harder to find. Some are just chronically short year after year.  We pride ourselves in being able to source many difficult to find varieties. Again, we do that by paying a fair price to the grower. We know the work that goes into producing hops. Happy growers who get paid a fair price and who get paid on time deliver quality hops on time and will stick with you through the tough times. Sourcing hops will be increasingly difficult in the years to come. We look forward to the challenge.

What we can do for you


Do you have an idea how buying raw materials or keeping track of your inventory could work better? We know brewers are some of the most creative people out there. We want to hear your thoughts how we can help make your work life easier. If there’s something we can do to improve the way things work, we want to know your thoughts.  Please Email Us.