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Greedy Growers and Dirty Dealers!

It seems lately there are a lot of articles referencing rising hop prices and how dramatic the changes have been.  Usually, the articles reference the statistics regarding season average price collected for the hop industry by the USDA. As the former head of Hop Growers of America, the organization that, as you might guess, represents […]


Originally published prior to the 2014 CBC in April of this year, the 2014 State of the US Hop Industry Report becomes more relevant with each passing day. The state of the U.S. hop industry is strong today, but turbulent times lurk just around the corner. The industry is experiencing a period of sustained increasing […]

What’s going on with European Hops?

OK … I know I just said that I wouldn’t be posting too often, but that first post doesn’t really count does it?  Let’s say it doesn’t. Now that we got that out of the way, We traveled to Europe last month to visit hop friends all over Europe in order to get a better […]

THERE’S A SHORTAGE, of hop market information that is.

Information about the hop world is hard to come by.  So are aroma hops nowadays!  47 Hops offers access to market information, as well as aroma and alpha hops. In our constant effort to rock the boat and disrupt the system, we’ll be posting somewhat regularly from now on. We’ll keep it to at least […]