Monthly Archives: September 2014

What a 5% Short Crop Means for YOU

When I first graduated from college, a friend of mine and I took a 1965 Ford Mustang I had on a trip across the US. We plotted all our stops on a map and had big plans. The first day out, driving through the Mojave dessert, temperatures reached 109 degrees and that poor old mustang […]

Harvest Half-Time Report

We’re nearing the half-way point in this year’s harvest. The hop vines are coming down all across the valley, and so are the yields. This year’s hop harvest is a good reminder that agriculture is not predictable and only somewhat controllable. Despite the way they look, hop farms aren’t factories that can produce more hops […]

Letter to a Potential Hop Grower

In the various roles in which I’ve served in the hop industry, I often received messages from people who want to get into the biz.  I love the hop industry.  It’s a fun and challenging place to be, but the advice I give always seems to be roughly the same, it’s not an easy game and […]

How to Avoid High Hop Prices

Back in 2003, it was simple to get more hops whenever you needed them. You could just call up the merchant and ask for what you wanted. Chances are they had it sitting around, just like a bottle of Pepsi at the grocery store. Plus, brewers could get them for $2.00 a pound. A good […]