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Brewing Success In the Borough of Churches

By Matt Giles 47Hops Guest Writer Since 2013, Brooklyn’s hottest ticket hasn’t been any of the bars in Bushwick, or the underground dinner parties dotting throughout the borough – it’s been on the border of Red Hook, in the shadow of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, behind a McDonald’s take-out window, and without any signage. That’s where […]

Blue Point Brewing Company – Life After Acquisition

By: Matt Giles On April 1, 2011, Blue Point Brewery sent out a press release that seemingly heralded the end of the bastion of craft beer on Long Island’s south shore. The Patchogue-based brewery had sold out, negotiating a buyout with MillerCoors. Expecting craft aficionados might throw up their arms, preparing to unleash vitriol without […]

5 Reasons Why The Next Hop Crisis is Coming & How to Avoid it: Part 2

In our last blog, we presented 5 reasons why we are headed for a hop crisis. Today, let’s explore the solution. Bank support is dwindling. A grower friend of mine is having trouble getting financing from his bank as we speak! He has hop contracts for almost everything he plans to grow … still problems. […]

5 Reasons Why The Next Hop Crisis is Coming & How to Avoid it: Part 1

Last weekend, while at dinner with some hop friends, an interesting scenario came up during conversation. Granted, it’s partly hypothetical at this point, but the possibility should concern every brewer in the world. WHAT IF? The question was this … “What if, due to the risk involved with expanding quickly, growers and merchants let their […]