Monthly Archives: February 2017

Cluster Hops – Spotlight

Cluster is THE O.G. American hop variety. It is a public variety, not proprietary. People didn’t own hop varieties back when this variety came along like they do today. Cluster dates back to the late 19th and early 20th century (and probably even before that) when all beer was craft and local because there wasn’t any alternative. Some speculate […]

American Hop Farmer Strategy “If there’s a bad crop …”

The strategy most often discussed at American hop conventions about a dozen years ago was how “Maybe next year things will be better” or how “if there’s a bad crop in Germany everything will be fine” (no offense ever intended to the German growers of course). Weak prices and a dire outlook for the future introduced plenty […]

Globalization and the other guy

The level of globalization in the hop industry is unprecedented. I refer not only to the volumes of hops traveling to breweries around the globe. Increased popularity of hops created more dependency on one another than ever before. The ties binding brewers to merchants and growers are unfathomable. Some relationships are more fragile than others. The difference today […]