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Something about hop contracts you should know

Last Friday, we attended the International Hop Growers Convention (IHGC) in Freising, Germany. Representatives from hop producing countries around the world shared their expectations and estimates for the coming crop.  The meeting was a bit on the dry side until it came time for the American report. Most of the crowd was sitting quietly in […]

5 Things that can Destroy the Hop Industry

You would think times are good in the hop industry with prices at their current level. Hop growers are rock stars. People buy beers with the names of hop varieties on the label just because they love that variety. Being involved in any way in the hop industry makes you instantly the person with the […]

More new hop varieties! Why now?

It’s fun to see so much excitement and passion around new hop varieties! 47Hops sells open source proprietary varieties, like Pekko™ and Azacca® for example, but we haven’t created any ourselves yet. A new variety, in and of itself, is a great thing. With all the interest in and passion for hop aroma, we live […]

Is your hop bill too high? Avoid these 8 common mistakes & keep it down.

There are a lot more people buying hops these days than ever before. Not everybody has the benefit of years of experience. With this blog, we hope to help speed up the learning curve. There is a certain mystery about buying hops and how the hop market works. It’s complicated since there’s no exchange that […]

2016 State of the Hop Industry

Despite acreage increases worldwide don’t expect a surplus of hops this year, but that doesn’t mean there will be shortage either. On the surface, that sounds like great news. A closer look reveals massive imbalances and fragility. Barring a crop failure, there should be enough hops to go around, but variety specific shortages, similar to […]

Two New Open Source Hop Varieties, Callista & Ariana

Three weeks ago, the people who created Mandarina Bavaria, Hüll Melon and Hallertau Blanc announced that they have done it again with their release of Callista and Ariana.  These two new varieties both have amazing characteristics, but could not be more different from one another. Something for everybody!     Callista With low total alpha […]

98% of U.S. Hop Crop SOLD Until 2018

Chances are you’ve never attended an International Hop Growers Convention (IHGC) meeting.  It’s not widely publicized and meetings appeal to die hard hop geeks from around the world who want to know what’s going on in the market.  There aren’t any special handshakes, passwords or mysterious symbolism, but there are some interesting traditions dating back, […]

Hops & Terroir

Visiting with other hop merchants, brewers and growers over the years, quite a few people have asked me about Cascades grown in other parts of the world. Cascades seem to grow everywhere.  I think it’s the gateway American aroma hop variety for new growers and brewers. If somebody thinks they want to grow hops they […]

I’m not Saying it’s a Hop Shortage … But it’s a Hop Shortage!

Have you heard about the 2015 European hop shortage?  I’d be surprised if you had unless you follow our blog regularly and read our blog back in July when we warned this was coming.  Unless you’re in the hop industry … even if you’re a brewer … nobody around you is talking about the fact that […]

Brewing Success In the Borough of Churches

By Matt Giles 47Hops Guest Writer Since 2013, Brooklyn’s hottest ticket hasn’t been any of the bars in Bushwick, or the underground dinner parties dotting throughout the borough – it’s been on the border of Red Hook, in the shadow of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, behind a McDonald’s take-out window, and without any signage. That’s where […]