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Why big brewery acquisitions are good for craft

  Despite the constant battles on social media about craft breweries being sellouts, big brewery acquisitions are actually good for craft beer and good for the hop industry. Does anybody believe the brands acquired by big brewers are making worse beer today than they were before their acquisition? If you buy a new car, or […]

Who sets hop prices – Part 1

Events unfolding in 2017 will determine the course for hop prices for the next generation. In the past growers, merchants and brewers always traveled a well-worn path. When standing at a similar crossroads, they followed the animal spirit. That path leads to boom and bust cycles. It is a path that brings shortage causing skyrocketing […]

Why homebrewers pay more for hops

A comment regarding homebrew shops from a friend on Facebook inspired this blog. I thought rather than answering his question in Facebook it would be worthwhile to share the answer with everybody since it applies not just to homebrew shops, but to everybody who buys hops. Enjoy!   ” …. specifically for home brewers. 3.00/ounce for some varieties […]

Oversupply: Who is to blame?

The farmers grow the hops so it would be easy to say that they caused the current oversupply problem the large brewers have. While that sounds neat and clean, it’s not accurate. I’m not defending hop growers. They’re not choir boys. They have definitely done their share to contribute to supply problems in the industry, […]