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2017 State of the Hop Industry

April 2017 Today, the hop industry enjoys a popularity the likes of which it has never before enjoyed. Hop varieties appear on beer labels. Brewers swarm to hop farms at harvest time to catch a glimpse of hop harvest. Nearly the entire crop is contracted. Craft brewers talk of sustainability of the hop industry. On […]

2016 State of the Hop Industry

Despite acreage increases worldwide don’t expect a surplus of hops this year, but that doesn’t mean there will be shortage either. On the surface, that sounds like great news. A closer look reveals massive imbalances and fragility. Barring a crop failure, there should be enough hops to go around, but variety specific shortages, similar to […]


Originally published prior to the 2014 CBC in April of this year, the 2014 State of the US Hop Industry Report becomes more relevant with each passing day. The state of the U.S. hop industry is strong today, but turbulent times lurk just around the corner. The industry is experiencing a period of sustained increasing […]