Meet the 47Hops Team


Douglas MacKinnon
Executive Management

Two years in the Peace Corps started Doug on a path that led to the hop industry in 1999. Since then, he has served as Director of Hop Growers of America, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the International Hop Growers Convention and President of 47Hops. All that important sounding stuff has provided him a unique perspective on the hop market.


Anastasia MacKinnon
Executive/International Sales

Having Degrees in international relations and finance combined with experience in the pharmaceutical industry while living and working in several countries helps Anastasia in her role as Vice President of Sales and International Business Development at 47Hops.  She’s been working with hops for nearly a decade and can buy or sell them in four languages. As if that’s not enough, she is in the process of learning more. Ya … That’s just what she does. If you are an international customer, Anastasia would love to help you get the Hops you are looking for.


Nikki Glover
International Logistics/Account Managment

Nikki has jumped full throttle into our 47Hops culture diving into International Logistics and Account management. She has an extensive background in the financial industry and customer service.  She’s quickly fallen in love with hops and it’s everything we can do from keeping her out of the cold storage. If you have any questions or need assistance with your account she is more then ready to help make your hop dreams come true. 


Cara Archer

Cara is deeply involved in the boxing world. She collects cardboard boxes of just about every shape and size as they come into the office.  Nobody is quite sure exactly where Cara’s great love for boxes originates. Her parents say as a child she was more excited about the box her present came in than the present itself, which makes her easy to shop for. Crazy box fetish or not, we like Cara just the way she is. Thankfully Cara loves more than just boxes.  You could say she is our gal Friday at 47Hops.  Cara takes care of ordering, coordinating vendors and many other top secret special projects. We are very grateful for her exemplary problem-solving skills and her get-er-done attitude. 

Amanda Edris

Amanda is our trusty Sales Assistant and can help steer you in the right direction with any customer service or online order questions. In her time away from work she enjoys playing softball and drinking Rockstars.


Joseph Trapp

Joseph is the youngest member of the 47Hops crew but he’s no average Joe: rather a master of code and all things technical. It’s good that Joe enjoys a challenge, as we often have many random tech-related needs that we throw at him. When he’s not at 47Hops headquarters, Joe tries to escape screen-time by camping, hiking and wandering outdoors. 

The Warehouse


Victor Causor

As the Warehouse Manager, Victor can smell a hop truck coming four blocks away.  It’s his job to make sure your Hops are inventoried, stored and packaged to the highest standards possible. Victor is the leader of the crew. Together these guys have moved millions of pounds of hops over the past year, all without cracking a smile. Seriously though, they enjoy their work and are some of the best warehousemen out there. If it fits in a cardboard box, these guys can pack it up and ship it to you and it will reach you safely in one piece.


Oscar Ramos, Jr.

OJ is excited to be working at a company with room for growth and he loves everything about his job.  OJ is currently managing and processing all of our domestic shipments including our contract and online orders.  His hero’s growing up were his parents and he loves rocking out to Led Zeplin.  He’s quite the gamer and considers himself the ping pong champion. On his lunch breaks challenges anyone to take him on. After work, OJ loves playing softball and eating dinner out at the all-you-can-eat Seafood buffet.



Cali the cat, also known as “La Peligrosa” to any wildlife that dare approach the 47Hops office, was abandoned at an early age.  She was discovered as a hungry kitten hiding underneath some hop pellets.  She enjoys killing birds, eating mice and taking long walks on the beach but she is not just another pretty kitty.  Once, she protected the team at 47Hops by killing a rattlesnake that wandered onto the property.  Nobody saw the deadly battle- the “Batalla de la Serpent” as it has become known across the valley,  we only saw the carnage that remained.  La Peligrosa has earned her stripes.  Nobody knows if she’s actually a genuine Calico cat.  Some say she is a Chupacabra in a very clever disguise.  All we know is fate brought her to us, and today she is a part of the team.