What makes 47Hops Unique?

47Hops is not like other hop merchant companies. We didn’t inherit this company from our parents. We bootstrapped 47Hops from the ground up in an industry dominated by well-established companies, many of which have existed for generations. They believe they are entitled to market share because of their past. Nothing in this life is guaranteed. We believe that only by working harder and smarter will we succeed. That makes all the 18-hour days worthwhile. We know what it’s like to be David facing Goliath. We live it every day. At 47Hops, we are a family owned business and we are building something unique. We want to work with people around the world who appreciate that sort of spirit and those types of values. Is that you?

Our Grower Relationships

We work with growers from around the world.  We realize the work that goes into producing hops and because of that we offer them the prices they need to survive.  Aroma hop varieties are becoming harder to find and we are able to source many difficult to find varieties by paying a fair price to the growers.  Happy growers who get paid a fair price on time will continue to work with us and deliver the quality hops throughout the tough supply times. Sourcing hops will be increasingly difficult in the years to come.  We are confident that the relationships we’ve built will allow us to continue to provide the hops our customers need.

Our Brewer Relationships

As the brewing industry evolves, as does the need of Brewers. Being flexible allows us to help our customers make the products they want on their timelines. It doesn’t benefit us to lock our customers in terrible contracts with an over abundance of hops they don’t need.  We want to work with you to develop a purchase plan that will work for your business’s individual needs. Because of our history in the industry we are able to create a unique experience for our Brewers. If you are looking for something not on the list, reach out to us. Chances are we can find it for you.

Meet our 47Hops Team