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How to Avoid High Hop Prices

Back in 2003, it was simple to get more hops whenever you needed them. You could just call up the merchant and ask for what you wanted. Chances are they had it sitting around, just like a bottle of Pepsi at the grocery store. Plus, brewers could get them for $2.00 a pound. A good […]

Why Your Hops May Cost $1 Billion more by 2020!

I’ve heard some criticism about a figure I mentioned in an earlier blog post  “Greedy Growers and Dirty Dealers” in which I said the investment necessary in the industry over the next 5 years could be as high as $1 billion if the growth in craft continues. When I was a student, I admit used […]

Greedy Growers and Dirty Dealers!

It seems lately there are a lot of articles referencing rising hop prices and how dramatic the changes have been.  Usually, the articles reference the statistics regarding season average price collected for the hop industry by the USDA. As the former head of Hop Growers of America, the organization that, as you might guess, represents […]