Which varieties does 47Hops sell?

47Hops focuses on Open Source hops used by craft breweries.  We believe those varieties will be very hard to come by in the years to come. We also carry a lot of funky new varieties too.  Chances are we can find it for you. Our Quick View Variety Chart below can help you with your research if you are looking for a substitute variety or information about a specific type of Hop.

When are Hops Harvested?

Hops are harvested in September of each year.  If pelletized and stored properly Hops can last for well past the time of harvest.

What does the alpha acid level mean?

Alpha Acids are a class of chemical compounds that are found in the resin glands of the hope cones.  Alpha acids are the source of the hop bitterness.  The higher the alpha acid content the more bitterness the hop will provide in the brew.

What does the beta acid level mean?

Beta acids do not contribute to initial bittering as they don’t isomerize in the boil and do slowly create bitterness through oxidation as the alphas break down over time. The bitterness is harsher and can make planning the shelf life of a beer difficult. Thus most brewers desire a low beta content.


What do the oils in the Hop do?

Hops contain essential oils.  The three main oils are Myrcene, Humulene and Caryophyllene. The main source of flavor and aroma are found in the oils.  The essential oils are what provide the non-bitter tastes and aromas in the hops.  Many of the volatile compounds evaporate during the boil in the brewing process.  This is why aroma hops are added as close to the end of the boil as possible.

What is the difference between aromatic hops and bittering hops?

All hops have both aromatic and bittering qualities. Hops that have high levels of alpha acids (over 10%) are considered as bittering because their aromas often do not match the profile that the brewer wishes to achieve. Thus aromatic hops have lower alpha acid levels and stronger flavor and aroma profiles.


What is the difference between Hop cones and Hop pellets?

Hop cones are the flower of the Hop plant.  Once they are dried they can be used in the brewing process.  Hop pellets are ground up cones that have been dried and pressed into pellet form.

How should Hops be stored?

Hops should be stored in compressed packaging. They should not be exposed to light or oxygen.  Hops should be stored at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

What does dry hopping mean?

Dry hopping involves adding hops into the brew after fermentation. The hops will not add bitterness to the beer, but dry hopping does add fragile aromatic oils that are normally lost in the boiling process. Dry hops may soak in the finished beer for anywhere from several days to several weeks dependent on the result desired.


What is the shelf life for Hops?

Once dried, fresh hops should be used or made into pellet form during the harvest year.  Hop pellets can be used for three years if they are stored in the proper refrigerated condition.