Mt. Hood is a child of the 80’s and descends from nobility, the Hallertau Mittelfruh variety from Germany and performs as expected for a member of that family. Mt. Hood delivers an earthy crisp noble aroma that can be a little spicier than its German ancestor. Mild on the bittering side as a proper noble hop should be, Mt. Hood can be used as a good finish for a European style beer to which you’d like to add a distinctly American twist.

  • Aroma: Mild, spicy, and floral
  • Maturity: Early to mid season
  • Yield: 1450 – 1750 lbs/acre

Beers we found on the Interwebs that reportedly use Mt. Hood hops:

Sprecher Brewery Dopple Bock
Newby Wyke Brewery Slipway
Belle Isle Brewery Wild Mary’s Wheat Ale
Deschutes Brewing Co. Maiden Oregon Ale

Typical Analytical Range
Alpha Acid Range %: 3-5%
Beta Acid Range %: 3-4%
Co-Humulone as % of alpha: 24-30%
Total Oils mls/100gr.: .6-1.2% ml/100gr