The flavor you get from a Summit® hop depends really on how you use it. It is one hop variety that has something for everybody, which is why it’s a hidden gem. Okay, it’s true of most varieties, that the way you use them changes the flavors you get, but Summit® delivers that in spades. Summit® can be your Citrus hop. It can deliver earthy or floral flavors. It can be spicy. There’s a dark side to Summit®, which for some people is a flaw, but for others a feature. It can also deliver a garlic and onion flavor. Some say it makes a great substitute for Simcoe® Brand YCR 14 cv. and Amarillo®!! If you want a versatile hop variety that can rise to just about any occasion, give Summit® a try if you think you’re up to the challenge.

  • Aroma: tangerine; grapefruit; earthy; onion; garlic; distinct spice
  • Maturity: Mid season
  • Yield: 2200 to 2700 lbs/acre

Beers we found on the Interwebs that reportedly use Summit® hops:

Widmer’s Drifter Pale Ale
Pyramid’s Rollirock
Wild Goose Brewery Snow Goose Winter Ale
Stoudt’s Brewery Black Eye P

Typical Analytical Range
Alpha Acid Range %: 16-19%
Beta Acid Range %: 3-6%
Co-Humulone as % of alpha: 23-33%
Total Oils mls/100gr.: 1.5-2.5% ml/100gr


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