How your support makes a difference

The overwhelming outpouring of positive support for 47Hops from brewers and growers during the past two weeks is humbling. I sincerely want to thank those that have written, called or with whom I have spoken in person for their support. Nearly everybody pledged to stick by us during this difficult time. Growers confirmed they want […]

Lucifer causing 2017 European hop shortage

Like flipping a coin, each crop year can produce a short crop or a bumper crop. When a huge stockpile of excess hop inventory exists, the yields of each individual crop is insignificant. That’s not the case in today’s alpha market however, which was teetering on the verge of shortage prior to this season. That […]

The pre harvest report you WON’T read anywhere else!

We just returned from a trip to Europe where we met with quite a few brewers and distributors. The main question, as you might imagine, was what’s happening with the crop in the U.S. What I told them, you definitely won’t hear anywhere else.
Let’s start by saying that the U.S. acreage reported in the USDA […]

Why big brewery acquisitions are good for craft

Despite the constant battles on social media about craft breweries being sellouts, big brewery acquisitions are actually good for craft beer and good for the hop industry. Does anybody believe the brands acquired by big brewers are making worse beer today than they were before their acquisition? If you buy a new car, or even […]

13 things every brewer should know about buying hops

Don’t buy more hops than you know you need.
Renegotiating contracts is usually possible. In a successful renegotiation, both sides will compromise. Nobody ever gets 100% what they want.
Weather determines the price of a variety on the spot hop market. Weather can create shortages or surpluses of supply of every variety in any given year.
Buying on […]

Why you shouldn’t count on average hop yields

Hop farmers have an old saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s in the bale.” Hop farming in the U.S. today is more business oriented and technologically advanced than any other country. Due to the climate, hop farmers in the Pacific Northwest control and precisely monitor inputs more accurately than anywhere else. Satellite […]