Fit to flavor any dark or specialty beer, Hallertau Blanc is best described as a new age German Flavor Hop. Released in 2012, this Hop has an uncharacteristically high alpha content for an aroma hop. Tropical fruits, gooseberry and grass aromas accompany the recognizable tastes of white wines. Its distinct wine-like qualities are best released during dry hopping. Try pairing with Mandarina Bavaria for extreme citrus flavors in your sour beer.

  • Aroma: Wine, gooseberry, fruity
  • Maturity: No current data
  • Yield: 1000 – 1450 lbs/acre

Beers brewed with Hallertau Blanc

Pipeworks Brewery Hallertau Blanc Imperial IPA
Acorn Brewery Hallertau Blanc IPA
Hemitage Brewing Co. Hallertau Blanc IPA
Ex Novo Brewing Co. Dynamic Duo IPA

Typical Analytical Range
Alpha Acid Range %: 8.5-12%
Beta Acid Range %: 4-5.5%
Co-Humulone as % of alpha: 38-45%
Total Oils mls/100gr.: 1.6-2.5% ml/100gr


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