In search of a traditional well rounded aromatic hop? Fuggle is England’s pride and joy. With its earthy bouquets and hints of warm wood, Fuggle lends a mild yet amiable overtone to English Ales, Porters and Stouts.  Fuggle hops work very well with a High Alpha hops or are often used with Goldings. Either way, this hop will surely add that “classic” English Signature to the batch.

  • Aroma: Mint, grassy, and floral
  • Maturity: Early to mid season
  • Yield: 900 – 1200 lbs/acre

Beers brewed with Fuggle hops:

Goose Island Brewing Co. Oatmeal Stout
Lodden Brewery Rin Tin Tin
Wye Valley Brewery St Michael’s Ale
Marston’s Beer Co. Old Empire

Typical Analytical Range
Alpha Acid Range %: 3.5-5.5%
Beta Acid Range %: 2-3.1%
Co-Humulone as % of alpha: 23-22%
Total Oils mls/100gr.: 0.7-1.4% ml/100gr

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