Grown naturally in the Czech Republic, Saaz Hops have been used for centuries and are the main component in Czech Pilsners and Lagers. Saaz are often combined with higher alpha Hop for Belgium and lighter ales. The mild Saaz is considered to be one of the four “noble” Hops, their cones are lighter and smaller in size. Saaz is said to offer a “delicate bittering” but are mainly added for their smooth earthy aromas with somewhat spicy and floral additions.

  • Aroma: Spicy, woody, herbal and lavender
  • Maturity: Mid Season
  • Yield: 700 – 1200 lbs/acre

Beers brewed with Saaz hops:

King Brewery Pilsner
Dogfish Head Brewery Black & Blue
Troegs Brewery Dream Weaver
Wild Rose Brewery Czech Pils

Typical Analytical Range
Alpha Acid Range %: 3-6%
Beta Acid Range %: 3-8%
Co-Humulone as % of alpha: 24-26%
Total Oils mls/100gr.: 0.4-0.7% ml/100gr


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