When we were thinking of a name for the company, we wanted something short and memorable. We wanted something that would attract attention but also something that was simple. We liked the number 47 because it is a prime number that we seemed to see all around us, as if somebody was trying to send us a sign. We didn’t want to use our name as the name of the company. That seemed pretentious to us. Plus, it takes a team effort to make all of this hard work happen. It wouldn’t be right to all the people who help us do what we do to just use our name. Then we realized that the name of a new company isn’t so important. It is what you make that name mean later that matters.  Google was a misspelled word until Larry and Sergey gave it a meaning. Facebook didn’t mean anything until Zuck invented it.  And so … 47Hops was born.  Lots of people ask, “Why 47?”  They ask if it’s because Yakima is near the 47th parallel. That’s a good guess, and it’s true we are close to it.  Customers ask if it’s the number of hop varieties we sell.  That would be a creative marketing gimmick, but it’s not true. They ask a lot of other things we honestly didn’t think of when we created the name. The truth is the world is a pretty random place and we just decided to embrace that randomness and have a little fun by using a random number. Why not? As Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.  Now … What do we want 47Hops to stand for?  That’s a great question.  There are several things that are important to us. Honesty, high quality, the best customer service, sincerity and fun are all things we love when we find them in other companies. Unfortunately, you don’t see that often enough. That’s the type of company we are trying to build with 47Hops. We work hard at that every day. You can see the honesty in our blog. There, you’ll find real insider information about what’s happening in the hop market.  You’ll see it on our boxes where we like to have a little fun with our crazy designs. You’ll see it in the quality of the product from our authorized distributors. Those are some of the things we want 47Hops to mean.

We make buying Hops easy!

47Hops exists because we want to take care of you, your hop needs, and even your hop emergencies. We offer a variety of American and European Hops at a sustainable price. Aroma hop varieties are becoming harder to find. Some are just chronically short year after year.  We pride ourselves in being able to source many difficult to find varieties. Again, we do that by paying a fair price to the grower. We know the work that goes into producing hops. Happy growers who get paid a fair price and who get paid on time deliver quality hops on time and will stick with you through the tough times. Sourcing hops will be increasingly difficult in the years to come. We look forward to the challenge.

What we can do for you


Do you have an idea how buying raw materials or keeping track of your inventory could work better? We know brewers are some of the most creative people out there. We want to hear your thoughts how we can help make your work life easier. If there’s something we can do to improve the way things work, we want to know your thoughts.  Please Email Us.